Any Sensor.
Any Network.

Hi, we're Parasanti.

We’re redefining how IoT enterprise devices are connected at the edge allowing us to more affordably and effectively deliver better insights that any end-user can understand and use.

Enterprise IoT will only be enabled with solid infrastructure and software that enables universal connectivity...

...but right now Enterprise IoT is a patchwork of custom solutions, proprietary sensors/networks, and unused data streams that lack proper security and can’t deliver on the full promise of connectivity.

Parasanti believes we need to shift the paradigm away from closed and custom solutions to a universal software for connectivity.

Parasanti enables edge computing solutions for leaders like these
Partnered with industry leaders solving tomorrow's IoT challenges

Our software offering is an end-to-end data orchestration platform allowing customers to easily:


Develop tailored connections (flows) of any set of sensors to operators and devices


Deploy those solutions to run anywhere (even at the edge)


Direct those activities with a simple user interface


Defend that data with world-class security encryption both in-flight & at rest.
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Lasso 1.0 Launches Q2 2023

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Lasso is a one-stop-shop software tool that enables users to connect any sensor to any user or tool, and enables easy deployment of applications and dataflows to the edge. Designed to simplify the ability to connect with a wide variety of sensors and capable of integrating with almost any data source such as databases, file systems, web pages, sensor inputs, and many others.

It allows users the capability to remotely manage edge devices, services, and the data each individual device is ingesting.