Optimized military data management through Parasanti's solutions


The Core of Our Innovation

Autonomous Software Delivery

Autonomous Software Delivery (ASD) ensures rapid adaptability and optimization of edge systems in modern warfare, using CI/CD techniques for secure, efficient updates across all devices, minimizing downtime and human error.

Sensor Data Translation and Fusion

Sensor Data Translation and Fusion merge data from multiple sensors for a unified operational picture, enhancing reliability and capabilities. UNITE integrates military systems and data formats, supporting strategic and tactical operations, with an AI-enabled version in development for improved speed and cost efficiency.

Decision Support

Decision Support solutions enhance military operations with data-driven insights for strategic decisions and tactical planning. UNITE's AI-driven system provides actionable insights and recommends actions based on mission objectives, especially during crises.


UNITE has been built to create a solution that provides the necessary capabilities to reduce information delivery and decision-making latency. It will accomplish this by leveraging a set of key enabling functionalities that enhance edge systems’ interoperability and adaptability. This functionality includes fleet management, data orchestration, workload optimization, and autonomous operations. Autonomous operations collectively represent functionality provided by Parasanti’s AI initiative, Teachable Infant Agent or TIA, including data translation and fusion. UNITE’s functionality, in total, represents the essential building blocks used individually or in combination to deliver the required capabilities.

Revolutionizing resource management in defense with UNITE


IoBT Fleet Management

In reconnaissance missions, integrating data from drones and ground sensors for real-time battlefield mapping.

Smart Data Orchestration

Enables edge devices to collect, process, and route data from various sources to multiple consumers, ensuring real-time data streaming, consistent transformation, and secure communication across a fully connected, self-healing mesh network, eliminating central data pipelines and reducing operational bottlenecks.

Smart Workload Optimization

A flexible workload orchestrator rapidly deploys and manages applications, enhancing software delivery with concurrent orchestration, mesh connectivity, and infrastructure-as-code for efficient job scheduling and resource utilization.

Autonomous Data Translation

In joint operations with international allies, enabling real-time data exchange between different data systems.

Autonomous Data Fusion

In complex battlefield environments, combining aerial surveillance, ground reports, and satellite data.

Intelligent Decision Support

During crisis situations, analyzing incoming data streams to recommend strategic courses of action.