Optimized military data management through Parasanti's solutions


Empowering Defense Technology with Vision and Expertise

Meet the diverse and dynamic leadership team at Parasanti, where rich backgrounds in military operations, technological innovation, and business acumen converge to drive our mission forward. This team’s collective experience not only shapes the vision of UNITE but also fortifies our commitment to delivering state-of-the-art solutions in the realm of defense technology. 

LTG (Ret) Eric Wesley

Chief Executive Officer

Eric Wesley’s journey from a distinguished 34-year military career to leading Parasanti reflects his deep understanding of complex defense systems and his commitment to innovative solutions. At Parasanti, he channels his experience in military leadership and strategy, combat, and his role at Army Futures Command, into guiding UNITE. His role in developing Multi-Domain Operations for the Army and advising on advanced technology sectors resonates with UNITE’s mission to integrate diverse systems for enhanced operational efficiency.

Trigg Borgerson

Chief Technology Officer

As a visionary IT leader, Trigg Borgerson’s role at Parasanti is pivotal in driving technological innovation and digital transformation. His expertise in cloud technology and software development, along with his knack for leading cross-functional teams, aligns with UNITE’s vision of integrating cutting-edge technology in military operations. His journey reflects a dedication to pioneering solutions that have reshaped industries, mirroring UNITE’s ambition to revolutionize military data and workload orchestration.

Erin Jensen

Chief Operations Officer

Erin Jensen’s trajectory from his role as a successful business attorney to COO at Parasanti demonstrates his versatility and a results-oriented approach. His extensive experience in commercial litigation and corporate law, coupled with his hands-on business acumen, is instrumental in navigating the complex operational landscapes at Parasanti. His practical perspective, rooted in leading diverse initiatives from law to construction, aligns with Parasanti’s goal of delivering robust, business savvy technological solutions.