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Recapping UNITE’s Inspiring Evening at SXSW® Capital Factory House 2024​

March 8 was an unforgettable evening at the Capital Factory where UNITE left an indelible mark at SXSW® 2024. From 6:00 to 9:00 PM guests were immersed in an extraordinary journey through the most advanced military technologies spanning from LAND to CYBER. Our showcase became a vibrant hub for discovery and interaction. Attendees mingled with the UNITE team gaining unique insights and engaging in thought-provoking conversations. The interactive demonstrations were not just displays but doorways into the future of defense technology offering a hands-on experience of what tomorrow holds. It wasn’t just an event it was a glimpse into the future.
The enthusiasm and curiosity of our guests turned the evening into a journey of exploration and discovery. UNITE at SXSW® 2024 Startup Crawl proved to be more than just a participant – we are a game-changer reshaping the vision of tomorrow’s defense.
Thank you for joining us at SXSW® 2024 where you didn’t just hear about the future – you experienced it with UNITE!